Would you like to download the experiences you carry in memory and relay them to those you love?
Personal Historian, Emily Hancock, is available to help you do just that.

What is "Memory Relays"?

How does the process work?

What is the interview like?

What is the end-product of the recorded interviews?

What do the recorded interviews cost?

What if my children don't seem to be interested?

Why would I record my life story if I don't have children?

What if my life is quite ordinary?

Shouldn't I wait until I'm "older" to record my experiences?

What about a written memoir?

What does it cost to put a book together?

Why not record my story or put a book together by myself, without a personal historian?

What can a personal historian do that a friend or relative can't?

What qualifications do personal historians have?

Instead of doing this myself, could I arrange to give this service to a parent or spouse?

If not now, when?

How do we get started?